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tapered roller wheel bearings
tapered roller wheel bearings
2014-08-23 by seoerccy
Jingle jingle tapered roller bearings and high-speed continuous tone rule ferris wheel bearing small bearing retainer as compared with normal voice was clear and maintain good internal abrasion due to insufficient Liner Motion Bearings lubrication grease oil at low temperatures, such as discomfort → soft, insufficient load bearing operation.
Hey friends when the low-speed crash was more pronounced at high speed continuous tone maintain sound internal shocks, lack of lubrication. After reducing the internal clearance or preload different sound disappears. If so, then all of the roller, the roller occurs between the sub-impact sound.
Bang Bang loud impact sound low speed large metal thin large bearing (TTB) and so on. Torn rotator wheel deformation squeaky sound track
Bang bang sound slewing drives cylindrical roller bearings are mainly due to the rotation speed of change, you can hear the sound of large metal sound. After supplement lubricants, and sometimes stops. Lubricants too thick radial internal clearance is too large enough lubricant.
Sound bite sound of metal between the roller bearing roller and rib bites inside the gap is too little lubricant shortage
Bared it sounds irregular bearing lubricant occurred in the small bubble burst tone
Jenna Jenna snapped snapped squeaky irregular truck mounted crane bearing mounting surface with slip ring key part of the squeak squeak sound, etc.
Sound pressure is too large orbital plane, roller ball surface roughness due to the friction surface of the track, rollers, ball deformation due to internal friction and the gap is too big.

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