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special production process
special production process
2014-09-22 by seoerccy
Due to the special requirements of the production process, some key industrial and mining equipment operating in extremely harsh conditions. Due to heavy equipment, the ambient temperature is high, dusty or air containing corrosive acid gases CO, SO2, etc., lubrication equipment to bring a lot of problems, friction and wear serious, far, most offshore crane bearing domestic enterprises still follow the traditional above-mentioned oil, greased, and the fact that these mining conditions beyond the oil and grease lubrication range, prone to friction bearings and other bite or killed, causing severe parts wear and damage, regularly lead to equipment outages. In order to produce continuous operation, in addition to the original design requires the installation of multiple units wheel repair, we must also invest a lot of maintenance personnel. Severely limiting the increase in productivity, spare parts and energy consumption greatly, has become an important obstacle to the development of production. Automobile manufacturing, cement production, petrochemical and other companies have made special lubricating material requirements provided under complex working conditions. To this end, mosaic self-lubricating composite material, the material formulation and preparation process to highlight its own characteristics, material properties has reached the international advanced level, for enterprises to solve the problem of the special conditions of lubrication, and brought significant economic and social benefits. However, due to various reasons more domestic enterprises have yet to adopt the condition still exists.

2 key technical principles
Self-lubricating bearing composite mosaic is a novel use of extreme pressure lubricating solid material comprising a metal substrate and angular contact bearing embedded in the substrate the holes or grooves of the solid lubricant paste composition. In the course of friction metal substrates bear most of the load. Transferred by friction, hole or slot solid lubricant or anti-friction surface to transfer, at the friction surface to form well-oiled, strong adhesion and uniform coverage of the solid transfer film, greatly reducing friction and wear. Carried out with friction, continue to provide the solid lubricant embedded in the friction surface, to ensure a good lubrication of the friction during long-term operation.

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