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Needle roller bearings dental bearings
Needle roller bearings dental bearings
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Needle roller bearings sound characterize CAUSE
Ye - ye loud rattle sound quality does not vary with changes in rotation speed changes (dust / foreign body) rotation speed Excavator slewing bearing of sound changes with the change (scratch) dust / foreign body orbital plane, dental bering, roller surface rough track surfaces, ball, roller surface scratches
Bared small bearings track surface, ball, roller surface roughness
Bared - bared it off, and there is regular contact occurs with the ring section in contact with the holder and closures
Didi roar loud whining sound velocity changes due to rotation, size, height are changed. With specific speed rotation and the slewing bearing sound becomes larger. There is also an alarm or beep when approximate. Resonance, with the bad (bad shape axis) orbit orbital plane surface deformation, ball, roller bellows (large bearings as a mild tone, then normal)
Crunching feeling when the track surface scratches manually rotate the (rules) ball, roller scratches (irregular) dust / foreign body, the track surface deformation (part of the gap is negative)
When large bearing high-speed continuous rumbling sound track surface small bearings, ball, roller surface scratches
Woo - Om - electromagnetic sound instantly stops self aligning ball bearing the motor when power off
Squeak squeak la la irregular occurrence (non-rotating speed variation and change), mainly for small bearings mixed with dust / foreign body.

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