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dental Bearing lubrication
dental Bearing lubrication
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Most wheel bearings under heavy low-speed operating conditions of work, in general, the use of lubricating grease filling type of bearing lubrication can be subjected to extremely satisfied with the results achieved, the commonly used calcium-based grease grease, lithium-based lubricating grease, aluminum grease, and high temperature grease, etc., the user can choose the most suitable grease depending on the circumstances.
Bearing seal
Hand wheel bearings are sealed Crossed Roller slewing bearing to prevent leakage of grease has been filled out, the other is to prevent outside dust, impurities and moisture intrusion inside the bearing and affect their normal work. Since the wheel bearings are mostly low-speed operation is under heavy load, it is sealed with rubber seals type bearings and labyrinth seals two structures. The rubber seal structure itself has a simple structure, small footprint, reliable sealing performance advantages and has been widely used, but the downside is that when the high temperature rubber lip seal is easy to lose early aging, so the temperature wheel bearings under bearing working conditions should work labyrinth seal.
Three-row combination roller wheel bearings (slewing ring)
Three-row roller slewing ring has three seat down and radial raceways separately from each other, so that each row roller load can be determined exactly, can withstand all kinds of loads, is the carrying capacity of the four products the largest one, axial and radial dimensions are larger firm structure, particularly for applications that require larger diameter heavy machinery, such as bucket wheel excavators, wheeled cranes, ship cranes, ladle turret and large-tonnage truck cranes and other machinery on.
Double row angular contact ball slewing bearing (slewing ring)
Double row slewing bearing has three seat, must be specially designed raceways. Double row slewing bearing axial, radial size was relatively large, solid structure, particularly suitable to the requirements of the above average diameter of tower cranes, truck cranes and other handling machinery.

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