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Rolling causes dental bearing
Rolling causes dental bearing
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Rolling causes sound generated and maintenance of bearings
Bearing raceway acoustic raceway and its control method is when the operation, the rolling element rolling and making a slippery continuous sound in the raceway surface, is a basic sound unique all bearings are the. Bearings generally sound is rolling road sound with other sounds. The bearing seat more rigid, roller acoustic sound pressure level is low. Such as the radial clearance is too small, raceway acoustic sound pressure level and frequency with reduced radial clearance and increased dramatically.
Bearing fatigue failure is a failure surface form, mainly for fatigue crack initiation, propagation and fracture process, long-term effects under the alternating load failures arising under the metal.
1 reasons: low method, whole camshaft bearing accuracy: the provisions bearing accuracy class.
2, reason: the shaft bending or holes are not concentric method: repair of spindle box
3, reason: the belt too tight: adjust the belt tightness appropriate.
4, reason: poor lubrication method: select the stipulated lubricating material and appropriate cleaning.
5 reasons: low quality, assembly method: improve the assembly quality.
6, reason: shell run method bearing: the replacement of bearings and related components and wear
7, the axial force is too large: cleaning, adjusting seal clearance requirements between 0.2 ~ 0.3mm, correct the impeller balance hole diameter and check static balance value
Method 8: replacement of bearings, bearing damage.
Control of raceway acoustic methods are: the selection of bearing low noise bearings which waviness small, carefully select the use conditions. Rolling road sound often affects the entire mechanical noise, reduce the raceway can reduce the noise of the whole machine.

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