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Energy Saving Applications
Energy Saving Applications
2014-10-23 by seoerccy
Overhead cranes are widely used in the mining industry as a lifting machine, a locomotive depot is now more than one bridge crane attachment, frequent use every day, a lot of work. Bridge crane can directly affect the safety of normal working locomotive maintenance task completion and personal equipment. Drag the original bridge crane system using wound AC induction motor, the rotor circuit external resistor in series with multi-speed, cam controller bearing, relay - contactor control, this control system is the main drawback is:

Rotor Speed series resistance energy type genus slip speed, energy consumption, mechanical properties of soft, low speed range, the smoothness metallurgical bearing of the poor;
Mechanical impact of large, affecting life;
Therefore, the only way to completely change the former governor to solve the problem of high failure rate overhead crane fundamentally. With the fast development of electronic technology, inverter performance, reliability has been greatly improved, as used in overhead crane drive system provides favorable conditions. We first take on the important work of locomotive diesel engine assembly frame repair library 32 tons bridge crane hook size vehicle drive system and improve the system frequency transformation to improve its operating performance and reduce the failure rate.

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