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cylindrical roller bearings
cylindrical roller bearings
2014-09-11 by seoerccy
NJG ... / SL19 type full complement cylindrical roller bearings: very heavy and slow for the occasion, with a self-locking roller set, even removing the inner ring, the roller will not scattered, so this type of bearing mounting demolition convenient, can withstand axial load, for a one-way positioning.
3 Bearing Size Tolerances
Full complement cylindrical roller bearings dimensional tolerances and geometric tolerances shall comply with GB / T307.1-94 (ISO492- 1994) P0 level double row ball slewing bearing tolerance level, and normal original radial clearance CO, may also request a C2 to C4 original radial clearance bearings. But after bearing code when ordering the need to increase the corresponding suffix. Rubber screw extruder is generally used in group C3 clearance.
Tolerances refer to the selection principle bearing and shaft tolerance limits of tolerance principle of selection.
Bearing allowed to bear certain axial load. Adequate lubrication is axial load a prerequisite. Unidirectional locating bearing and locating its axial load bearing wall must be supported fully.
Installation and removal, special attention must when installing or removing cylindrical roller bearings, mounting or dismounting force can not be passed directly through the roller and cylindrical ring wall.

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