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Crane Bearing ferrule to production
Crane Bearing ferrule to production
2014-08-09 by seoerccy
1, forging: forging process if the overburnt, overheating, split carbide network will reduce the toughness and strength of ring. So we must strictly control the processing temperature, cyclic heating and cooling after forging conditions (such as spray cooling), especially the larger varieties of ring forging,crane bearing the temperature over 700 ℃, shall not be piled up display.
2, the heat treatment of heat precision spindle bearings treatment equipment: close monitoring is an important work in the workshop.
The reliability of monitoring equipment. Must close monitoring of the instrument, thermocouple, temperature control equipment to ensure that important, accurate and reliable measurement data error; to exceed the standard must be promptly replaced, is strictly prohibited to stop the operation.
3, monitoring of grinding process. The finished SUNTHAI bearing ring does not allow to have the existence of grinding burn and grinding cracks, especially with the surface modification of the inner taper no burns. The ferrule if pickling full inspection should be carried out after burn, out products, severe burns can not repair or rework unqualified ferris wheel bearing should be scrapped, does not allow the grinding burn the ferrule into the assembly process.
4, identity management, to the ferrule grinding steel warehousing, the process must be in strict management, strict distinction between GCR15 and GCR15SIMN two different materials and products.

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