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Bearing material selection is to improve the quality of the three factors
Bearing material selection is to improve the quality of the three factors
2014-12-15 by lyhybearings

The adequacy of the selection is still high precision ball bearings failure analysis of factors must be

considered. The main task of bearing failure analysis is based on a lot of background

material, analysis of data and failure modes, failure to identify the main factors causing

the bearing to make targeted improvements to extend bearing service period, to avoid the

occurrence of unexpected bearing early failure. Installation conditions is one of the

primary factors in the use of the factors bearing is often caused due to improper

installation package bearing the stress state changes between the various parts, bearing in

abnormal state operation and early failure. According to the bearing installation, use,

maintenance, maintenance of the technical requirements for operation of the bearing to

withstand load, speed, temperature, vibration, noise and lubrication condition monitoring

and inspection, abnormal immediately find reasons to adjust to return to normal.
First, along with a reasonable structure design has advanced, will have a longer Full complement cylindrical roller bearing

life. Manufacture of bearings generally through forging, heat treatment, turning, grinding

and assembly of multi-channel processing. The reasonableness of the processing technology,

advanced, will also affect the stability of the bearing life. Which affect the quality of

the finished product bearing heat treatment and grinding processes, tend to have a more

direct relationship with the failure of the bearing. In recent years, research on the

bearing surface bearing metamorphic layer show that the grinding process is closely related

to the bearing surface quality.
Metallurgical quality bearing material was the main factor affecting the early Rolling

failure. As metallurgical techniques (such as bearing steel vacuum degassing, etc.)

advances, improved quality of raw materials. Raw material quality factors in bearing

failure analysis in the proportion has decreased significantly, double row ball slewing bearing but it is still one

of the main factors bearing failure.

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