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Miniature linear bearings use
Miniature linear bearings use
2014-12-04 by lyhybearings
Linear motion ball mobile crane bearing structure in the interior of the outer ring has a retainer, the retainer is equipped with more than one ball, and make infinite circular motion. Within two ends of the retainer spring retaining ring in each square ball straight track work force has a gap window. This section is subject to the load so that the ball rolling to make contact with the shaft. Relative movement with a very low coefficient of friction, linear motion ball bearings and therefore the most appropriate choice of bearing mechanical equipment, automation equipment, energy-saving equipment.
linear motion bearings, is being more and more widely applied to electronics, machinery, equipment, robotics, tools, machinery, food machinery, packaging machinery, medical machinery, printing machinery, textile machinery, machine tools, automobiles and other general or special machinery industry in.
Linear motion ball truck mounted crane bearing advantages:
1. Because the flow of contact friction resistance and can start moving friction resistance is small, so you can save energy, easy to get a higher velocity.
2. Load increases, but not sensitive to changes in the friction coefficient, and therefore under heavy load, the friction coefficient is extremely small, and long-term accuracy of the same, we can get long-term mechanical life.
3. Linear motion bearings interchangeability, when the province to install and easy to use, and new mechanical structure, small size, the amount of light of the characteristics.
4. Out to save oil, simplify lubrication and maintenance purposes.
5. The two sides also applies additional four point contact ball slewing bearing seal and dusty places or objects easily penetrated.

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