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Care and Maintenance
Care and Maintenance
2014-10-23 by seoerccy
Container gantry crane First: Before lifting equipment factory, to do identity records. Equipment safety inspection before installation and maintenance: inspection equipment of the principal organs of the integrity of the performance, check the precision spindle bearings main steel structure and its coupling pins, bolts visible defects, corrosion Check the equipment surface, forming a record, issued by the installation advice.

Second: by hand lifting equipment maintenance and maintenance. After the equipment delivery, routine maintenance or use by device drivers operating units responsible for full-time staff, installation maintenance unit for routine maintenance obligations to supervise and inspect the contents of the bears. The main content of the daily maintenance department summarized as "Cross jobs Law": Clean, tighten, lubricate, adjust, corrosion. Before every class, class of 10 to 30 minutes late, visits to various parts of the device, all parts are properly lubricated according to regulations, if attention mechanical operation sound normal, do cleaning work and shift work to achieve the appearance of the equipment clean, normal operation the purpose of routine taper roller bearing maintenance records and shift records to be made of fixed form, and as a file management.
Again: lifting equipment regularly for professional medical examination. Regular inspection and maintenance of equipment used in the process: at specified time several mechanical equipment maintenance and repair, to clean, lubricate, adjust, disintegration overhaul centric content. General by maintenance personnel and operators together to complete.

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