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Mobile rotating crane
Mobile rotating crane
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In the span of a large crane loading and unloading requirements, but I hope not too long crane boom situation, often using mobile rotating crane. Mobile cranes along the ship's rotation and longitudinal movement of two kinds of lateral movement.

Gantry Cranes
This crane is a full container ship (see container ships) rolling mill bearing and load barges are widely used, usually four-legged type or C type. There is an extendable boom, lifting rungs and a removable tray and cab. Higher levels of bridge girders stowed on the deck of the conical bearing, and automatic positioning device, when shipping containers can be placed exactly fall in separate compartments or containers stacked on deck. The number of gantry crane barge load containers on board more than that, from the weight of up to several hundred tons.
Other handling machinery
There are lifts, elevators and conveyors. Boat lift is a vertical movement of the machine along the rails for lifting and lowering between each deck cargo use. Such as multi-use lift decks connected to the delivery of goods on the ro-ro. There lift scissor on ro-ro, chain and several species, its length is 9 to 18.5 meters, a width of 3 to 5 meters. Also installed on some carrier barge loading and unloading cargo barge lift, but lifting capacity is much greater than on the ro-ro ships. Hoist is larger in the vertical direction or inclined direction Radial Bearing of the continuous movement of goods. Conveyor is a little slope in the horizontal direction or the direction of the continuous delivery of goods. Both mechanical dump is used in loading and unloading of a ship or boat through the side door.

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