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separation bearing
separation bearing
2014-08-13 by seoerccy
(5) whether the separation bearing their part, are divided into: 1) separable bearings ----- bearings with separable components; 2) can not be separated after the final bearing ----- bearing supporting rings are freedom can not be arbitrarily separated bearings. (6) bearing their structure and shape (if no filling slots, without inner and outer rings and structural shapes, ribs, and even whether the cage, etc.) can also be divided into a marine crane bearing variety of structural types. 2. rolling bearing outside diameter size classification bearing their size, divided into: (1) Miniature Bearings ---- nominal diameter size range of 26mm or less conical bearing; (2) a small nominal outer bearing ----- diameter size range of 28-55mm bearings; (3) small and medium sized bearings ----- nominal diameter size range of 60-115mm bearings; (4) in the large bearing ----- nominal diameter size range of 120-190mm bearing (5) large bearing ----- nominal diameter size range of 200-430mm bearings; (6) large bearings ----- nominal diameter size range slewing rings of 440mm or more bearings. Rolling numerous types and sizes, in order to facilitate the design and selection, standard specifies the code represented by the rolling bearing type, size, structure, characteristics and tolerance level and so on. (Alternative GB272-88), Rolling Code constitutes as shown in the table. Rolling Code code representation purposes: to characterize the structure of the rolling bearing, size, type, precision, code constitutes: Front code - said bearing subassembly basic code - said after bearing types and sizes, such as the main feature set code - indicates the accuracy of the material bearing the characteristics of diameter code: ID Code × 5 = internal diameter special case: d = 10 12 15 17 Full complement cylindrical roller bearings code is: 00010203 size series Code: used to express the same outside diameter and width of the inner diameter but different bearings, see right. OD Series Code: special light (0,1), light (2), middle (3), weight (4) Width Series Code: normal width to "0", usually not marked. But for tapered roller bearings (3 classes) and spherical roller bearings (class 2) can not omit the "0"

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