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Rolling contact seals
Rolling contact seals
2014-12-04 by lyhybearings

1. The radial seal
Commonly used radial contact seal including the felt ring seal, oil seals, packing and sealing ring seal. As such sealing devices, seals in direct contact with the shaft or other parts, therefore, inevitable in the work of friction and wear, and to temperature, it is generally suitable for medium and low speed single direction thrust ball bearing operating conditions seal.
(1) Felt ring seal for temperature less than 100 ℃ work environment. Felt ring impregnated with oil before installation, with good sealing effect, after short-term use, vinyl lap Serve together without pre-stress state posts sealing surface; severe due to friction, only for the circumferential speed of less than 4m / s applications.
(2) packing good sealing effect, the advantage that can be pressed by means of bolts, to improve the sealing pressure, but also compensate for wear, but the friction is large, suitable for low speed rotary motion.
(3) oil seals
â‘  Backward common seal mainly to prevent lubricant overflow, allowing the peripheral speed is determined by the sealing material, and can be used in sliding contact surface speed is less than 10m / s (the journal of fine cars), or less than 15m / s (journal polished) at .
â‘¡ lip type seal to prevent lubricant spillage and dust intrusion, allowing the peripheral speed is determined by the sealing material for the speed with Backward common type seal.
â‘¢ extroverted style common type seal mainly to prevent dust intrusion, allowing the peripheral speed is determined by the sealing material for speed within the same general type seal.
(4) The seal ring sealing ring like a piston ring seal, placed in a sleeve with the ring groove (rotating with the shaft) and the single-row crossed roller slewing bearing cap between the (stationary member) hole, the contact surface hardening treatment is required and polished; when only one sealing ring may be less demanding, requiring high available 2 to 4 rings; seal ring manufactured with cast iron containing chromium, can be used for sliding speed less than 100m / s occasions; at a sliding velocity of 60 ~ 80m / s within range, can also be manufactured bronze rings.

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