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Use and maintenance of run-in period bearing
Use and maintenance of run-in period bearing
2014-10-30 by seoerccy
1. Since the crane is a special vehicle, the operator should accept the manufacturer's training, guidance, structure of the machine, there is a full understanding of the performance and get some experience before the operation and maintenance of operating the machine. Manufacturers to provide product maintenance manual, the thin section angular contact bearings operator to operate the equipment necessary information before operating the machine, be sure to read the maintenance manual, as required manual operation, and maintenance.

2. Note the running workload periods, running workloads period generally do not exceed 80% of rated load, and to arrange for the work to prevent the machine for a long time continuous operation caused overheating phenomenon.
3. Note frequently observe the instrument instruction, abnormal, should be excluded stop in time, the reason is not found CARB bearing, the fault is not ruled out before, you should stop the operation.
4. Note Always check the lubricating oil, hydraulic oil, coolant, brake fluid and fuel oil (water) bits and quality, and pay attention to check the tightness of the machine. Inspection found that the lack of water too, should analyze the reasons. Meanwhile, lubrication lubrication points should be strengthened, it is recommended run-in period, each class must lubrication point greasing (except for special requirements).
5. Keep the machine clean, timely adjustment, worm gear speed reducer tighten loose parts, to prevent loose parts or lead to increased wear parts missing.
6. The end of the run-in period, were forced to deal with machine maintenance, inspection and adjustment of work to do, taking care to replace the oil.
In short, in the run-in period using a crane maintenance requirements, can be summarized as follows: to enhance training, reduce the load, pay attention to check, and strengthen lubrication. As long as the emphasis on the implementation of the crane as required run-in period of care and maintenance, will reduce the incidence of early failure, prolong life, improve operational efficiency, the machine to bring you more benefits.

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