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Heat bearing
Heat bearing
2014-12-12 by lyhybearings

Selection of new energy-saving heat insulation materials to improve the energy efficiency of heat treatment equipment; heat treatment process optimization, improve process yield, give full play to the ability of the device. Stage, each spherical roller bearing manufacturers are experimenting in this area, such as full use of waste heat, waste heat, some manufacturers have taken advantage of waste heat for forging ball annealing bearing parts; using low energy consumption, long cycle shorter alternative process cycle, energy consumption the crafts; bainite hardening process to some extent, within a certain range, with shorter bainite quenching process replaces long period, energy consumption in the carburizing process.
at least a non-oxidizing protective atmosphere heat treatment by heating using alternative oxidizing atmosphere heated to a precise control of the carbon potential, the potential of the controlled atmosphere of nitrogen is heated, after the heat treatment improved the performance of the part, heat treatment significantly reduced defects, such as oxidation, decarburization and cracks , finishing allowance reduced after heat treatment, machining and improve the utilization efficiency of the material. Vacuum heating gas quenching, vacuum or low pressure carburizing, nitriding, nitrocarburizing and boriding and other artifacts can significantly improve quality, reduce distortion and improve life.

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