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Innovative design clearance adjustable roller ball bearings
Innovative design clearance adjustable roller ball bearings
2014-11-18 by lyhybearings
Rolling friction spherical ball bearings for its small, start-sensitive, high efficiency, high precision rotation, lubrication is simple, easy to replace and many other advantages and is widely used in the production and life. But because of its high precision manufacturing, process complexity, the current standard of needle roller bearings are used in jet production, by professional factory manufacturing. Since the original design between the bearing inner ring, outer ring, rolling elements, etc. These rigid parts with little regard adjustable links, so important precision index bearing - radial clearance depends mainly on machining tolerances to be guaranteed. Thus, even with high precision machine to machine the bearing part, due to the method of the inevitable accumulation of error, it is difficult to use directly by the assembly to achieve the required accuracy. By measuring selection generally required by law to assemble the packet assembly, but still finite precision, so that the price of high precision bearings. Meanwhile bearings due to wear caused by the use of ultra-poor clearance can not be compensated to reduce the actual service life, resulting in waste. With the development of production, the urgent need to address the technical issues. To this end, the author through analysis and research, to find the main factors bearing radial clearance precision. Then the structure bearing a reasonable design from the start, to design a new structure, the bearing radial clearance can be easily adjusted to solve the above technical problems. After trial, the better, are made with a brief introduction.
A design ideas, working principle and concrete structure is known, to adjust the bearing radial clearance, you must change the relative positional relationship between the outer ring, inner ring, rolling elements of these three, intuitive approach is to make the outer diameter of the inner or outer inner diameter of the ring according to changing needs. Pair of badeep groove ball bearing the existing method is processed within the inner ring of the bearing bore a certain taper, while the spigot is also formed with its cooperating corresponding taper. After assembly to change the position of the inner ring on the shaft of the attachment shaft, so that the outer diameter of the inner ring deforms to cause the change to adjust the bearing clearance. In all fairness, this is a better approach, can solve this problem to a certain extent, it followed so far. But there are a few obvious shortcomings, one limited adjustment amount (even very small), clearance is large on the powerless. Second, the journal to be processed at a higher precision taper, and the need to set up additional adjustment device so that the axis of the complex manufacturing process. Third, the inner ring under a lot of prestressed, and for the circumferential tensile stress on the bearing strength is extremely unfavorable, sometimes even when the inner adjustment "no war since the break." Thus, this traditional approach is not reasonable, a great need for improvement.
Bearing structure analysis shows that the inner part has already been done in this article, seems to be no potential. The rolling body is "monolithic" obvious "unprofitable." Naturally, we have to look to the outer ring up. But this part is really Jane Jane again, using conventional thinking on its impossible to start, must be another way. After wrestling, multi advice, repeated scrutiny, finally enlightened. Realized: change the bearing radial clearance, like war, like, not only forced the onslaught from the front (radial), or you can take the detour from the side skillfully (axial). Prerequisite is to break the traditional thinking of bondage and imprisonment given potential force of habit, to dare to innovate. It is a bold vision of the bearing outer ring taken along the cross-section, divided into two (reverse thinking, reduced to fan). About two and a half can make relative axial movement, and then by means of the interaction of specific surface and rolling fairways of the inner body, the relative axial displacement of the outer ring into a radial displacement of the rolling elements, thereby receive indirect change within the effect of radial position between the rings, the outer ring, rolling three, to adjust the clearance purposes. Based on this, we can have the following technical solutions: the outer ring of the rolling bearing from monolithic to modular axially split, with double rows of rolling elements, combined with adjusting shim set. Increased or decreased by adjusting the shim in the assembly to easily adjust the thickness of the bearing radial clearance to the required value, and finally coat with a threaded coupling assembly as a whole. Similarly, when working for some time after bearing wear, but also just appropriate to reduce the thickness of the shims, you can easily eliminate bad clearance, to restore the original accuracy. Achieve the purpose of the repair of.
Needless to say, this is a new program, with originality, feasibility and practicality. Bearings having a novel structure diagram according to the above principles, and as shown in Figure 1. Wherein the pieces 1, for the split outer ring member 4, the member 1 is formed with external threads on the member 4 is formed with an internal thread, each precision interworking. In order to ensure the strength of the outer ring and the threaded locking adaptation needs, should adopt a triangular fine thread, and appropriate to increase the thickness of the outer ring. 2 pieces of steel balls, double row arrangement, in the form of radial covered, but need to leave enough space between the ball, in order to avoid the ball "too crowded" mutual friction reducing bearing efficiency. 3 pieces for adjusting shim group, should be equipped with a variety of different thicknesses in order to select the combination. Conditions, it may be added in a daisy-like elastic spacer therein, the threaded locking more efficiently. 5 pieces of the bearing inner ring, designed symmetrically, on its outer fabric has a special curve sloping fairways, to facilitate the installation of the rolling elements and adjust the clearance from the role. In addition, each end face of the outer ring is also provided with four to six wrench equispaced holes for insertion of special tools for screw thread in the adjustment. These simple structures, is not surprising. The key lies in the design of the fairway on the outer curve, is the key to success or failure, can not be taken lightly. Necessary to adjust the design to meet the basic requirements for clearance, but should be considered as the rated load, an important factor in the strength, fatigue life, processing and other contacts. Fortunately, there are many seniors have done a lot of these aspects in depth and fruitful research work, a lot of information, experience to draw on, so I benefited greatly in this sequence table thanks. Due to space limitations, here temporarily discussion.
Two design features (1) manufacturing easy: thanks to the adjustable intermediate links, so that part of the processing size tolerance band can be greatly relaxed, the rejection rate also decreased exponentially. While reducing the requirements for precision machine tools, so that the processing in the general accuracy of machine tools with high precision bearings as possible. The technical level of the workers may be appropriate to reduce, with a certain economic benefits.
Convenient (2) assembling: the outer ring made after the split, you can easily adjust the Radial Bearing clearance to the ideal value, without the use of packet assembly method that is able to achieve high accuracy. Mounted on the shaft is also very convenient, without attaching additional adjustment device, simplifying the overall structure.
(3) to improve the situation by force: Double rows of rolling elements can increase the carrying capacity and can withstand axial forces.
(4) reduce the types of parts: the outer ring made after the split, make rolling body covered in the fairway, so the cage can be omitted. This while reducing process, improve the carrying capacity, can be said to serve multiple purposes.
(5) maintenance and repair easy: When the bearing clearance due to wear caused by ultra-poor, just appropriate to reduce the thickness of the shims can reduce the clearance, to restore the original precision, accordingly extending bearing life. In addition, when only the individual components of non-normal damage, can also be used to replace the damaged parts of the ways to repair the bearing and even the entire old as new, after all, a good way of reckoning.
3 point deficiencies (1) an increase in the cutting on the outer ring, externally threaded processes. Because of the thread and the stress concentration is easy to produce, while the heat 1P processing becomes difficult.
The axial dimension (2) of the bearing is relatively large, and adjusting the thickness of the gasket due to the randomness of the larger fluctuations.
(3) the outer ring to be thick, and the material consumption has increased.
Adjustable Rolling clearance presented here has novel, reasonable structure, easy assembly, easy maintenance. Especially after the outer ring of the bearing from monolithic to modular axially split, so adjust the bearing clearance problem solved, for reference peers. The design ideas can also be broadened to other types of extensometer bearing designs. The design of the case of non-standard bearing design. There are many issues still need to explore deeper, deficiencies must be resolved. Truly eager to get peer guidance and help.

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