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How to choose low-noise Spherical Roller Bearings
How to choose low-noise Spherical Roller Bearings
2014-12-09 by lyhybearings

Using a relatively small noise bearing a) noise ball bearing roller spherical roller bearing is lower than the relative sliding fewer spherical roller bearings (the friction) low noise more than the relative sliding bearings;
2) Use solid cage spherical roller bearings noise ratio is relatively low use stamping cage bearings; plastic cage bearing noise than the above two cage bearings are low; the ball a few more outside ring thick, the noise is small,
3) high precision bearings, especially the higher accuracy with rolling element bearings, the noise than the low accuracy spherical roller bearings are relatively small noise,
4) bearing noise ratio is relatively small noisy bearings.
Low noise requirements of rolling bearings in China's production of standard spherical roller bearings, low noise power supply unit bearing varieties partially used. Where the ball bearing from the inside diameter φ2.5mm to φ60mm There are several varieties with Zl, Z2 and Z3 three suffixes, corresponding to three different low-noise requirements, and roller stacker-reclaimer bearing type of a total of eight models since the N309 to N322 model also has manufactured by low-noise standard varieties.
The aligning roller bearings can be applied to other machines require low noise, and low price, such as the type and size can meet the requirements, maximize the use of low-noise two types of bearings.

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