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Ceramic Bearings
Ceramic Bearings
2014-09-25 by seoerccy
Cheng as an important machine parts, because of its incomparable metal bearing excellent performance, high temperature, super-strength materials such as the new world dominate.

First, since the ceramic almost afraid of corrosion, so the ceramic rolling bearings suitable for operation under harsh conditions covered with corrosive media.
Second, since the ceramic rolling the ball lower density than steel, but much lighter weight, so when you rotate the outer ring centrifugal effect can be reduced by 40%, thus greatly extended service life.
Third, the expansion and contraction of the ceramic affected smaller than steel, and therefore the gap of the bearing is constant, the bearing allows the temperature changes more severe environment.
Fourth, as the ceramic high modulus of elasticity than steel, when the force is not easy deformation, and therefore help to improve the operating speed and achieve high accuracy.

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