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Bearing performance characteristics described
Bearing performance characteristics described
2014-09-11 by seoerccy
1, spherical roller bearing outer ring and housing bore bearings should not adopt an interference fit with the inner ring and the journal should not be too tight, requiring the use of the adjustment nut in the installation should be able to produce more flexible axial displacement. Spherical roller bearings because if the interference fit, easy to make changes in the contact angle of the bearing, resulting in uneven distribution of load bearing, causing a high temperature. Therefore, the installation with the kind of bearing outer ring and the journal and the bearing housing bore, the general should be able to thumb his hands just pushed into the journal and the bearing housing bore for the best.

2, for spherical roller bearings mounted axial clearance, the journal is available on the adjusting nut, washer and housing adjustment screw hole, four point contact ball slewing bearing or spring preload adjustment methods. The size of the axial clearance, and bearing installation layout, material from the bearing shaft and bearing between relevant, can be determined according to the working conditions. For high-load high speed spherical roller bearings, adjusting clearance, must consider the impact of temperature on the axial clearance, clearance will reduce the amount of the estimated temperature rise caused by account, that is, the axial travel to properly adjust the gap a little too big. For low speeds and withstand vibration bearings, no clearance should be taken to install, or preloaded installation. Its purpose is to make Spherical roller bearings and roller produce good contact load is evenly distributed, to prevent the rollers and raceways damaged by shock and vibration. After adjustment, the size of the axial clearance with dial gauge test. The method is to first dial gauge fixed in the body or the bearing housing, so that the dial gauge against smooth contact surface of the shaft, the shaft axially pushed around, the maximum amount of the hands of the swing is the axial clearance values.

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