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Lubrication method tapered roller bearing
Lubrication method tapered roller bearing
2014-09-11 by seoerccy
Bearing Maintenance: bearing cleaned up: Assembly nsk tapered roller bearings under the overhaul, the first recorded appearance of bearings, confirm the residual amount of lubricant, lubricant used after sampling review, wash bearings. The tapered roller bearings nsk full immersion is the slot machine lubricating bearings by shrouded brought up, and then back into the oil sump Gulu body should be slightly lower than the lowest place. Application of such a measure normally smooth grease -20 ~ 120 ℃, while on the positive is 150 ℃ low temperature applications arise from basic oil boiling too fast, run off and serious scenes, greatly extending the construction machinery bearing life bearing application number. As the clean up agent, generally use gasoline, kerosene. However, because the application of the mineral base oil, so that the kind of smooth and grease are being played on some biochemical indices close buckle rust and rust function outside. Non-break-type medium-sized ball bearings, the inner ring with one hand support level, wind around the outer ring to confirm whether smoothly. Because that kind smooth butter chosen delicate fiber, light melancholy filter to waste lithium thickener, application of mineral oil as the base oil, it is difficult to know the light outside the high-end bearing foot elevated vibration request. In order to determine the assembly up nsk tapered roller bearings whether you can use to clean the bearing after being reviewed. Oil can be taken away due to repeated heat determine the bearing cool down, so this law applies to high speed bearing components. Law is suitable for high-speed, high-temperature lubrication of the bearing element. Piles of metal machine grid Xiaobian to introduce 1 bearings are bearing oil bath lubrication are the cause, the use of the amount of fat in the biggest kind of smooth high-speed wire rod roller bearings, accounting division with 70% fat content. With a high pressure oil pump through the nozzle onto the tapered roller bearings nsk, launched into the bearing oil flow into the tank through the other end of the bearing. 2 bath lubricated bearings drip lubricant bearing lubrication in general form, suitable for low speed bearing lubrication. Review raceway, Gulu surface, the surface morphology of cooperation, cage wear, the bearing clearance is added and there is a sense of proportion about the decline of precision spindle bearings precision damage, strange. Repeat 3 bearing lubrication oil lubrication suitable for drip lubricant supply capacity was needed nsk tapered roller bearing elements, drip drop amount is generally advisable every 3-8 seconds, too much oil will cause the bearing to measure improved. Another benefit is a degree of non-inferior good pumping, either greasing machine still works fine greased are concise hard line. A bearing lubrication oil pump spray the filtered oil to the bearing element, after the nsk tapered roller bearing lubricant and then filtered using ice. 5 bearing spray lubrication expansion monotonous atmosphere confused by the formation of the lubricating oil mist sprayer, spray bearings, bearing cyclone may be invalid cool and prevent intrusion of impurities. Moreover, the smooth expensive grease can greatly increase profits nsk tapered roller bearings. When no difficulty on starting and running a positive momentum moment is -20 ℃ testing. When are bearing high-speed wind around Gulu body and cage also make progress commensurate with the high-shrouded atmosphere around the formation of cyclones, with the general form it is difficult to lubricate the bearing lubricant sent, then you must use high-pressure jet spray lubricant in the form of to the bearing, the position of the nozzle should be placed is maintained between the inner ring and the place holder.

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