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Four Ball and Tapered roller bearings
Four Ball and Tapered roller bearings
2014-08-26 by seoerccy
Four tapered roller bearing installation (roller bearing):
A four-row tapered roller metallurgical bearing bearing inner ring and roll neck with the band gap generally, the first bearing into the bearing housing during installation, and then put into the journal bearing housing.
Two, four tapered roller bearing outer ring and bearing housing bore also uses dynamic fit, the first outer ring A load bearing box. Factory in the outer ring, the inner ring and the inner and outer spacer are printed with the word character symbols, characters must sign the order followed load bearing box during installation. Not arbitrarily swap to prevent change bearing clearance.
Third, after all the parts are loaded into the bearing housing, the inner ring and the cage, outer ring and the outer spacer axial try to be.
Four outer end face of the measurement gap width between the plates and the bearing cover, in order to determine the thickness of the respective gasket.

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