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The general process of rolling bearings production
The general process of rolling bearings production
2014-12-04 by lyhybearings
Component parts of the rolling bearing outer ring, inner ring, rolling elements and cage. For the different parts, which processes and methods are different. For the same parts, if its structure, a different level of accuracy, then its processes and methods are different. Currently, the production process of small and medium levels of precision thin section bearing ordinary about the same as shown in Table 2-1.
Process documents
The various elements of the process are summarized in the form of written documents, is a process documents, namely technical rules. General guidance for workers to operate and produce, process management and other technical documents are all areas of process documents. Many different types of process documents of different types of products and production, its format and level of detail is different, in the bearing industry, technical documents include two categories: leading file and direct service production files.
Leading documents are: rough figure: There are various parts of the rough graphics, structure, size tolerance standard, the surfaces of the total allowance standards and processing methods. Table 2-2 to Table 2-4 is a plant self aligning bearing rings forging allowance and tolerance standards. Check the specifications: Content included are inspected, inspection items, check the number of test methods and test tools and gauges used and so on.

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