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Tapered Roller Bearing Installation Notes
Tapered Roller Bearing Installation Notes
2014-11-24 by lyhybearings
bearing installation is not reasonable, and will affect the accuracy of bearing life and performance. Therefore, thoroughly research bearing installation, operating standards that follow contain the following items were included in the ball and roller combined bearing installation.
A cleaning bearings and related parts
To have grease lubricated bearings and oil seals or shields on both sides with the front seal bearing installation without washing. )
Second, the size and finishing Check the relevant parts
Third, the installation method
Bearings should be installed in accordance with the nature of the tapered roller bearing structure, size and bearing components may be, the pressure should be directly added to the end surface of the ring was a tight fit, can not pass through the rolling pressure, bearing installation generally use the following method:
(1) to maintain the bearing and its surroundings clean.
Even the eyes can not see the small dust, will adversely affect the bearing. Therefore, to keep the surrounding clean, so the dust will not invade bearings.
(2), exercise extreme caution.
Bearing in use to give a strong impact, will have scars and indentations, a cause of the accident. In severe cases, it will crack, break, care must be taken.
(3), using the appropriate operating tool.
Avoid existing tools instead, you must use the right tools.
(4), pay attention to corrosion of bearings.
When the operation of the bearing, the hands sweat will become rusty reasons. Pay attention to clean hands operation, the best possible gloves.
To enable the bearing in good condition should be able to maintain long-term use and performance. Must bearing inspection and maintenance, inspection and maintenance is very important to prevent failures in the operation to be rolling sound, vibration, temperature, and check the bearing lubricant focus.
1. rolling bearing bearing noise sound one is thrust ball bearing itself, ie bearing inherent noise; the other is installed after bearing noise generated, regardless of the bearing itself by listening to the sound of the noise can be analyzed some problems. .a) inherent noise: the sound of a variety of roller bearings and rolling friction inherent sound is the sound of the rolling bearing raceway sound by rolling element and raceway contact elastic properties generated, when the tapered roller bearing swivel, rolling body. a continuous and smooth sound in raceway issued; unusual sound of rolling friction may issue a "creak, creak," like an uncomfortable metal friction unusual sound, sound does not issue such a good lubrication. So not a problem under normal circumstances, only after the noise increases only need to pay attention. b) the bearing manufacturing-related noise: This includes noise and vibrato cage, cage noise occurs mainly in ball bearings and tapered roller bearings, when the rotation of the bearing cage due to vibration and keep the cage and rolling elements will impact occurs sound. This sound is cyclical. Vibrato (various bearings) there is a certain frequency of sound is due to the raceway surface vibration caused greater waviness generated. c) noise caused by improper use: For all kinds of bearings are present. When the bearing raceway surface or rolling surface by bumps, indentation, corrosion, it will produce a certain period of noise and vibration when the bearing is in operation when the dust intrusion of dirt will generate noise. This noise is a non- periodic vibration is also accompanied by the sound of its size is not fixed, from time to time.
2. Failure to vibration bearing vibration bearing tapered roller bearings for very obvious example: peeling, indentation, corrosion, cracks, wear, etc. will be reflected in the bearing vibration detection so through the use of special taper roller bearing vibration measuring device ( vibration frequency analyzer and tester, etc.) to measure the vibration of the specific circumstances of the numerical size of abnormal vibration frequency distribution can be inferred by the measured conditions or sensor installation location, such as bearings and therefore requires prior measurements differ because of each machine After analyzing and comparing the value determined criteria.
3. The temperature of the bearing temperature is usually bearing the operation began to slowly rise as 1-2 hours after reaching a steady state. Tapered roller bearings normal temperatures due to the heat capacity of the machine, heat capacity, speed and load vary. If lubrication, improper installation of the bearing abrupt temperature rise will be abnormal high temperature then must stop and take the necessary precautions.

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