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Equirements of axial bearing steel(two)
Equirements of axial bearing steel(two)
2014-07-03 by seoerccy

5... The impact toughness.

A lot of rolling bearing in the use of the process will be determined by the impact load,so the requirements of bearing steel has a certain toughness, to ensure that thebearing is not due to impact and destruction. For bearings under high impact loadsuch as rolling bearings, railway bearings require materials with impact toughness andfracture toughness is relatively high, the bearing some bainite quenching heat treatment technology, some with carburizing steel materials, is to ensure that these bearings have better impact toughness.

6. Good dimensional stability...

Rolling bearings are precision mechanical parts, and its accuracy is measured inmicrons. In the storage and process of long-term use, because of the inherentorganizational change and stress change can cause the change of bearing size,resulting in loss of precision bearing. Therefore, in order to guarantee the precision of bearings, bearing steel has good dimensional stability.

7.Good rust resistance.

The production process of rolling bearing is various, long cycle of production, storage,some semi-finished or finished parts also need longer time before assembling thetherefore, bearing parts in the production process or in the finished product storageare prone to certain corrosion, especially in the humid air. Therefore, requirements of bearing steel has good anti rust performance.

8... Good technological properties

Rolling bearings in the production process, the parts to many cold, hot working process. This requires the bearing steel should have good technological properties,such as cold, heat molding, cutting, grinding performance and heat treatmentperformance and so on, in order to meet the need of the rolling bearing mass, high efficiency, low cost and high quality production.

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