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The requirements of axial bearing steel (one )
The requirements of axial bearing steel (one )
2014-07-03 by seoerccy

1.. Contact fatigue strength

Contact fatigue failure is the main failure form of bearing normal. rolling bearingsrunning, roller bearing outer ring raceway, in the rolling, the contact part underperiodic alternating load, more per minute up to hundreds of thousands of times,repeated role in periodic alternating stress under fatigue spalling occurs, contact surface. Rolling bearing began peeling will cause bearing vibration, noise increasingworking temperature rises rapidly, resulting in the final failure form of bearing damage,the damage is called contact fatigue. Therefore, requirements of steel for axial bearing should have the contact fatigue strength of the.

2.The wear resistance

Rolling bearing working normally, except in the case of the rolling friction,accompanied by sliding friction. The main parts is: sliding friction, rolling, the contact surface between the rollers and the retainer pocket hole, the contact surface between the retainer and the ring guide rib and roller end and the ring guide baffle betweenetc.. A rolling bearing sliding friction exists inevitably make the bearing parts wear. If the wear resistance of bearing steel, the rolling bearing is due to wear prematurelylose precision or because of the rotation of accuracy and make the bearing vibration increase, reduce the life. Therefore, requirements of bearing steel with high abrasion resistance.

3.. Elastic limit

Rolling bearings, as between roller and raceway contact area is very small, bearing in the bearing load, especially under larger load, the contact pressure. In order to prevent the high contact stress occurred in large plastic deformation, so that the bearing precision loss or the occurrence of surface cracks, therefore, requirements of bearing steel has high elastic limit.

4.. Suitable hardness

Hardness is one of the important indexes of axial bearing. It is in contact with the material fatigue strength, wear resistance, the elastic limit are closely related, directly affect the service life of rolling bearing, the bearing stiffness usually according to thebearing load of style and size, the size of bearing and the wall thickness of the overallsituation to decide. Rolling bearing steel hardness should be appropriate, too large or too small will affect the service life of bearing. As everyone knows, the main failure of rolling bearing is in the form of contact fatigue failure, and the poor wear resistanceand dimensional instability and the loss of precision bearings; bearing parts if the lack of toughness, under high impact load and the brittle fracture and cause bearingdamage. So, must to determine the hardness of bearing based on bearing specific conditions and failure modes. Due to the fatigue spalling or wear resistance of the jobloss of precision bearings, bearing parts should choose high hardness; the bearingunder high impact load (such as rolling: railway bearing, bearing and some automobile bearings), should be appropriate to reduce the hardness to improve the toughness of the bearing is very necessary.

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