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The sequential step axial bearingS finishing
The sequential step axial bearingS finishing
2014-08-09 by seoerccy
bearing order superfinishing can generally be divided into three steps: cutting, cutting, semi finishing machining.
The first step: Bearing cutting
Convex peak surface contact surface and rough rolling stone, due to a smaller contact area, a force per unit area is larger, in certain pressure, stone first by bearing workpiece "anti cutting" role, the stone surface of abrasive loss and Flange slewing bearingfragmentation, showing some new sharp grinding grain and edge. At the same time, surface asperity bearing workpiece by fast cutting, the cutting and anti cutting to remove the bearing surface of the workpiece and the grinding affected layer of convex peak. This stage is called the cutting stage, at this stage most of removed metal allowance.
The second step: cutting bearing
As the process continues, axial bearing the workpiece surface has been polished. At this time, a contact with the workpiece surface area increased, the unit area pressure decreases, the cutting depth decreases, the cutting ability is abate. At the same time, hole stone surface is blocked, stone in the half cutting state. This stage is called semi cutting stage bearing finishing, half cutting stage cutting workpiece surface bearing traces of shallow, and the emergence of dark luster.
The third step: the finishing stage
This is the last step in ultra precision angular contact bearing machining of bearing. With the workpiece surface to be gradually removed, the contact area of stone and workpiece surface is further increased, and, stone and bearing surface gradually by the lubricating oil film isolation, the force per unit area is very small, the cutting effect decreases, then automatically stop cutting. At this stage we call the finishing stage. The whole stage light surface workpiece without cutting mark, SKF bearing appears bright finished luster.

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