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automobile bearing
2014-08-07 by seoerccy
Fatigue life test is to maximize the full lubrication abrasion factor inhibiting the bearing load and speed, the enhancement to an enhanced fatigue life test method for outstanding bearing fatigue factors.
The calculation and test of fatigue life of bearing fatigue life is complementary, the two results are corresponding enough. But in thin section bearings reality, such as for each specific occasions, all selected Boying bearing a sufficient number of life test, to verify the selected bearing is suitable or not, this is very big in the economy, time and amount of labor, so the life test of automotive bearings only is used in a very necessary or important case, in most cases, the standard life calculation method to estimate the service life of the bearings, with a sufficient degree of dependency. To predict the fatigue life of axial bearing, determining the remaining life, need to understand the bearing fatigue all the failure phenomenon, so it will take a long time. However, because the rolling fatigue fatigue at the contact point under compressive stress occurs, to achieve the damage will occur great change of materials. Therefore, in addition to extend prior to material changes in surface cracked, raceway suffer chemical effect, crack cases, detection of marine crane bearing material changes may judge the vehicle bearing fatigue. The main reason is the defect of bearing fault off the overload two elements. When the load across the material strength and the formation of broken parts called overload fracture. The reason is mainly from the sudden overload machine fault or install. Are defects cause fracture can be bearing parts of the micro cracks, shrinkage, bubbles, large foreign things, organizations and local overheating burn defect is shock overload or violent vibration, known as the defect fracture. It should be noted that, automobile bearing is process, the materials into the factory inspection, casting and heat treatment quality control, process control and instrument for the precise analysis of the defects can be through with no, then must still strengthen control.
But in general, the failure of most overload bearing fracture usually.

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