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Factors affecting agricultural mill bearings main bearings which have bearing temperature
Factors affecting agricultural mill bearings main bearings which have bearing temperature
2014-12-30 by seoerccy
Mill bearing main bearing high temperature is a relatively common phenomenon, requiring users to timely cooling. In mill use, what are the factors that will affect the temperature of the main bearing bearing it? In fact, there are many factors, the following eleven resolve Hongxing machine for everyone.

1, the influence of heat generated by friction
Relative rotation of the hollow shaft and the bush, friction and heat, strictly speaking, between the oil film is heat generated by shear, linear plain bearings temperature, its value is relatively small.
2, when the influence of the heat generated by the grinding crushed material
Mill in operation, power grinding material accounts for only a small fraction of the total energy consumption, while most of the energy is converted into heat and sound energy, therefore, get a lot of material in the heat flow through the material hollow shaft or slip ring when the heat is transferred to the bush, a substantial increase in temperature causes the main bearing pad, bearing temperature up to 70 ~ 80 ℃ or higher.
3, influenced by the type of mill
Since different types of mills, the temperature rise on the pad is different. Wet raw mill slurry is added, the mill temperature is not high, the lowest discharge main slim bearings tile greenhouse, cement mill discharge main bearing tile Man is the highest; drying raw mill wind swept coal mill in feed but also the pain of hot air, if using kiln drying materials exhaust, intake air temperature of 350 ℃; if auxiliary stove, gas temperatures up into the mill 450 ℃, so the temperature of the main bearing feed more general mill higher.
4, the structure of the affected mill
Feed mill, the material has a thermal insulation layer between the spiral tube (sleeve) and a hollow shaft, in order to reduce heat transfer to the material as well as CARB bearing on the hollow shaft. Some mills insulation layer is very thin, and some mills thick insulation layer. For cement mill the material terms of the main bearings, hope to have a thick layer of insulation to block heat transfer.
5, affected by the ambient temperature of the mill
Mill ambient temperature also affects the temperature of the pad, such as the season, geographic location, and even the degree of ventilation plant, etc., will affect the temperature of the pad.
6, the impact of the main bearing and the cooling water of the cooling water temperature
Main bearing water mill includes two aspects, one is channeling water main bearing inside, the second is the main bearing lubrication oil station in the water cooler water. Cooling water temperature meter water temperature on tile is greater, in particular water temperature. Because the water is different, some plants use river or lake, some plants use groundwater, and therefore the temperature of cooling water into the water there is a difference. Water temperature is also affected by the season.
7, affect the peripheral thin oil station
Mill main bearing lubrication oil station has two effects. First, establish supply hydrodynamic oil film of oil required; the second is to remove excess heat, cool to the bush. Typically, the main bearing oil film formation of a dynamic pressure of about 6 ~ 10L / min; of usually 25L / min, and some even use 45L / min, where it contains a quantity of lubricant required to remove heat.
Through the above analysis shows that the main cause mill bearing bearing temperature rise of many factors, Hongxing machine to alert the user, the device during use, many should be noted that the reasonable control of the main bearing bearing temperature.

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