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Run-in period using
Run-in period using
2014-10-30 by seoerccy
Use and maintenance
After the crane tower crane factory, the general provisions have 60 hours or so run-in period (some called to go in period), which is based on the technical characteristics of the crane manufacturing plant early use regulations. Run-in period is to ensure the normal operation of the crane, reducing the failure rate and prolong an important part of their life. But some users due to lack of knowledge or because the crane using tight schedule, or want to get truck mounted crane bearing the benefits as soon as possible, while ignoring the new machine run-in period of special technical requirements. Some users even believe, anyway, manufacturers have warranty period, the machine is broken by the manufacturer responsible for maintenance, so the machine on for a long time in the run-in period, overload, leading to early mechanical failures occur frequently, which not only affected the normal use of the machine, shorten the life of the machine, but also because the machine is damaged, affecting the progress of the project. Therefore, the use of the run-in period and maintenance of cranes should be given sufficient attention.

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