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agricultural markets
agricultural markets
2014-08-26 by seoerccy
By farm machinery purchase subsidy policy stimulus, the rapid expansion of agricultural bearing markets, many companies have put into Double Row Ball slewing bearing agricultural production were to go, Nishajuxia, good and bad, exposing the lack of barriers to entry, short-term profit from sexual assembling enterprises in large numbers, a low level of homogeneity among enterprises of vicious competition, product quality can not be guaranteed, industry technology innovation power is not strong and other issues. It should be noted that the problem with a simple purchase of agricultural summarized:
1, we must first understand the production of the main production of the production machinery manufacturers which, in the enterprise from which you can select the size of the relatively large, well-known brands and strong R & D capabilities, as these conditions are relatively strong corporate quality assurance, product quality is relatively stable, Warranty Services more timely. Also before buying this type of machinery used to farmers investigate the mechanical performance, quality and service conditions, and finally determine the specific models according to their use and affordability.
2, provided the car, to check whether the various mechanical quality inspection certificates, product promotion license, warranty and maintenance Full complement cylindrical roller bearing certificates of other documents, and to check whether all the documents on the machine nameplate with the name of the product model, the main technical parameters , serial number and manufacturer name, address, telephone number consistent to avoid buying counterfeit products. And carefully read the instructions carefully check the instructions indicated on the machine's hand tools and accessories are mainly a whole, to prevent hair accessories fewer vendors to cut corners, and resolutely refused to make plant date for long storage time longer or repair products.

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